2023 Christmas Hampers

October 2023

Important Notice from Bon Accord Gibbons Food Bank regarding Christmas hampers and December hamper schedule. 

We are now accepting applications for Christmas hampers.  The Christmas hampers are not in place of regular hampers and are a separate request process which is detailed below. 

HAMPER PICK UP DECEMBER 16, 2023, 9 AM - 1030 AM please arrive as early as possible during this time slot.

When applying for a Christmas hamper please complete ALL info on the form. If a form is incomplete we cannot process your hamper request. This includes your physical address not a box number.  All forms must be returned by NOV 30. Forms can be dropped off at Family Resource Centre, Food Bank or emailed to bonaccordgibbonsfoodbank@gmail.com

Christmas Hamper Request Form

What to expect when you apply?

We will provide you with a hamper that includes a turkey with potatoes, carrots, stuffing and other items for your dinner. We also supply ingredients for breakfast. We provide a gift or gift card for children 17 and under. Please assist us with a gift choice by providing gift suggestion on your application. Remember all gifts are donated and we may not be able to provide what you request but we will do our best. We do not distribute video games or game machines.

Pick up day is DECEMBER 16th, 9 AM to 1030 AM only. Please arrive during this time slot. Have your ID ready and stay in your vehicle as we do the pick up as a drive thru. If you are unable to pick up during this time try to arrange with someone to pick up your hamper. We require arrangements to be made PRIOR to pick up day, please call us with this information before pick up day. We will not release your hamper if you have not made prior arrangements. Please respect our volunteers time and ensure you mark your calendar to pick up DECEMBER 16, 2023 9 AM to 1030 AM

All hampers must be picked up this day during pick up hours.

Thank You 

Bon Accord Gibbons Food Bank