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Communities in Bloom

The International Communities in Bloom organization has designated 2021 the year of HOPE

Along with this designation is a request to plant blooms in the color YELLOW.    The Bon Accord Communities in Bloom volunteer group will be focusing their floral plantings in yellows with a few other colours to highlight and contrast.  The Town will also focus our planting in yellow and are asking residents to join us in planting blooms of YELLOW to help communicate the message of HOPE!

What is Communities in Bloom?

Communities in Bloom is a Canadian non-profit organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement.

Participating communities are evaluated by a volunteer jury of trained professionals on the accomplishments of their entire community (municipal, private, corporate and institutional sectors, citizens) on eight key criteria:

  1. Tidiness
  2. Environmental Action
  3. Heritage Conservation
  4. Urban Forestry
  5. Landscape
  6. Turf & Ground covers
  7. Floral Displays
  8. Community Involvement

Bon Accord Communities in Bloom (CiB) commenced operation in February 2000.  Its membership has varied in numbers over the years, however, the volunteer group is still going strong.  The Town is committed to ensuring Bon Accord is a sustainable and environmentally responsible community.  

Bon Accord Town Administration works in partnership with this important volunteer group with both parties committing resources towards the betterment of the Town, enhancement of its facilities, and aiding in the environmental landscaping of the community.